Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome to the 24/7 Nintendo Music stream! Get ready for non-stop Nintendo music awesomeness.

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My goal is to make this stream my full-time job. For that I’m spending all of my time on improving the stream, and being there for it to be able to fulfill requests and more. To make it as good as possible I decided to stop working my normal job, and now rely entirely on donations & Patreon to be able to live.

Any donation and especially monthly support via Patreon help me immensely in achieving my goal/dream. Thank you!

For Patreon & YouTube Sponsor you also unlock special commands and rewards. (See: )

I’d like to make clear that donating is entirely optional and watching this stream is 100% free and no ads are played. All donations are used to improve the stream and help it stay online.


Join our community Discord! It’s the best place to chat with many other Nintendo fans & give feedback/requests/suggestions for the stream.


How to request songs:
• Go to the song list at
• Find the song you want to request (searching with CTRL + F helps)
• If the date next to the song is within the last 4 days the song is on cooldown and cannot be played.
Please do not request this song until the cooldown expired.
• If your song is not on cooldown copy the game and song.
• Type “!songrequest Your Game – Your Song ” in Youtube chat – This only works if song requests are currently opened.
NOTE: To see if they are open you can type !requests, or look below the game art on stream. If they are open there will be a message saying so.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask us on Discord in #ask-mods or on the stream.


You can find the games in the playlist here:
For a list of ALL 20,000+ songs in the playlist go here:

Stats for current playlist: More than 370 game soundtracks, with more than 20000 songs that could play for far more than a month without a single song playing more than once. More get added all the time!


MANY more commands for each rank are listed here:

!wallpaper –
!requests – Tells you whether requests are currently open or closed.
!new – Shows latest additions to the stream
!event – Shows info about our next event
!shop – Rupee Shop
!upsince – Days since the start of the stream on August 11, 2017.

RANKS & STREAM SHOP (No real money used)

Be active in the chat and get 50 Rupees every 30 minutes. You also get special ranks that unlock rank-exclusive stream commands!

Rank — Requirement

Picori — Get upon joining the stream for the first time
Deku Scrub — Watch 1 hour
Kokiri — Watch 10 hours
Hylian — Watch 24 hours
Sheikah — Watch 100 hours
Subrosian — Watch 300 hours
Twili — Watch 500 hours
Korok — Watch 1000 hours
Kikwi — Watch 2500 hours
Guardian — Be a moderator
Ancient Tech Lab Researcher — Support stream on the technical side
Hero of the Wild — Become a YouTube Sponsor
Hero of Time — Become a Patreon Supporter
Champion — Become a Patreon Supporter

For more info about all ranks, commands and rewards visit:

More ranks to come!

What are Rupees? You can use Rupees for song requests, in mini games, bets, auctions, our very own stream rupee shop and a lot more! See the FAQ for more info.

Check your current rupees and time with “!rupee”. It has a 30 minute cooldown per user!


You can find the FAQ under the following link as there’s not enough space here to answer them all:

Some of the questions covered:
• Are there song requests?
• Mini games? How do they work?
• What are ranks, rupees, commands and rewards I can get?
• What are stream activities and events?
• Why is this third party soundtrack playing? It’s not a Nintendo game!
• What is the rupee shop?
• How has this stream not been taken down for copyright?!



Twitter for stream updates and video upload notifications:

Contact for anything else: dystifyzer[at]

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